School Newsletter


Next year we will be participating in a swimming program from Foundation - Year 6 at the new Salt Water Swim School in Bacchus Marsh. Further information will be circulated towards the end of this year.

Ticket sales for our St Brigid’s Christmas Raffle are currently underway! If you would like a booklet of tickets, please collect from our school office! Watch our Facebook page and Seesaw this week for the announcement of our fabulous raffle prizes. 



A big thank you to our P&F and St Brigid’s community members who volunteered their time at the Steptoes BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday! Thank you also to those who called past and bought a sausage to support our school! The BBQ sales raised $189. Thank you also to Steptoes for supporting our growing school and donating $500.  

Due to larger numbers in Foundation next year and in an effort to reduce class sizes from Foundation - Year 6, next year we are moving from 5 classrooms to 6 classrooms. Class groupings have been finalised in preparation for step up day next week and no further changes will be made. I am very pleased to share with you that our class structure for 2023 is as follows:


Rebecca Conroy


Victoria Rosewarne

Year Two/Three

Nicole Brightly (4 days) /Andrea Byvoet (1 day)

Year Three/Four

Therese Winter (4 days) /Andrea Byvoet (1 day)

Year Five/Six

Chelsea Brennan

Year Five/Six

Ricky Whitcher (3 days)/Emma Anticaglia (2 days)


As the days are getting warmer and children take their jumpers on and off during the day, please make sure all clothing is clearly named to ensure the correct jumper can be returned to its owner if misplaced. Thank you!


A reminder that our Festive Friday celebration will take place on Friday 2nd December! Please purchase your tickets via the Spriggy Schools App or our school office!


Dear Members of our St Brigid’s Community, 

As we commence Week 8, we look forward to celebrating special events throughout the next four weeks including our Christmas Carols afternoon, Year 6 graduation, end of year Mass and other school based activities.

Next Tuesday 29th November, is Step up Day. On this day we will welcome our Foundation 2023 children and families to school along with children starting at St Brigid’s from years 1-6. This day also provides all levels with the opportunity to spend time in their 2023 classes.

Last Friday we welcomed grandparent’s and special people to our school. Our morning commenced with a beautiful Liturgy prepared by Therese and then our visitors attended classrooms to participate in activities followed by a special morning tea in our Library. Our morning was filled with smiles, laughter and happiness.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Take care and God bless,

Jayne Bosworth


'Inspire us to act justly and to reverence all God has made.' Excerpt from St Brigid's Prayer

This term, we are very excited to continue welcoming families to our fortnightly assemblies in the Multipurpose Room. Each fortnight a class will present a small item at assembly (please refer to timetable below).

We look forward to seeing you at our assemblies!






Friday 7th October, 2022


Opening Assembly


Friday 21st October, 2022


Year 5/6B


Friday 4th November, 2022


Year 3/4


Friday 18th November, 2022


Year 5/6W


Friday 2nd December, 2022




Friday 16th December, 2022


Year 2

November 7 - Esther Seketa
November 9 - Mate Marinovic
November 10 - Scarlett Hems
November 11 - Milly Conroy
November 17 - Stellan Porter
November 19 - Maya Filo
November 21 - Marcus Speakman
November 23 - Aoife Lakey
November 24 - Bryson McMillan
November 25 - Eddie Trantor
November 27 - Brandi Mulgrew
November 28 - Ciara Paolini

We have now made the transition to Summer Uniform. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct summer uniform. Children are able to wear sports uniform each Wednesday and on classroom nominated sports day as directed by your child’s classroom teacher.

As we are a SunSmart school, it is compulsory for children to wear a navy blue wide brim school hat in Terms 1 and 4.  

All of the timetabled events (to date) for the school year can be found on our school calendar which can be accessed through PAM and via this newsletter.

Term 4:





Thursday 24th November, 2022

Little Feet Big Footprints Final Day - Year 6 students


Tuesday 29th November, 2022

Step Up Day - all levels


Thursday 1st December, 2022

Foundation - 2 excursion to Aquarium


Friday 2nd December, 2022

Festive Friday Celebration


Monday 5th December

St Brigid’s Carols


Wednesday 14th December, 2022

End of Year Graduation Mass  - 1:30pm at St Brigid’s Church


Friday 16th December, 2022

Last day of school for students

Notification Form

It is imperative that our records are kept up to date for contact, census and funding purposes. If you have a change of address, phone number, email address, occupation or similar, please notify the school office as soon as possible. This form provides a quick and easy way to let us know.


Congratulations to Alexis in Year 5 on the arrival of her little sister Isla over the school holidays. Wishing Alexis and her family best wishes.


As the days are getting warmer and children take their jumpers on and off during the day, please make sure all clothing is clearly named to ensure the correct jumper can be returned to its owner if misplaced. Thank you!